Hydra Mailz

What is this course about?

HYDRA m a i l z is ultimately about sales, signup and leads by using the most trusted method to date, emails. Will explain what cold email marketing is and how to use it to grow your business and get more sales, signup and leads. Cold Email marketing is a technique used to turn your collected email address’ into real email subscribers and clients.

In HYDRA m a i l z Paul Tilley will show you step-by-step how to send 10k emails per day for free that go safely into inboxes and don’t get accounts banned. Students will learn how to setup a cold email outreach system to be able to send almost unlimited bulk emails.

Cold email marketing is one of the best digital marketing strategies for lead generation and getting more customers to your business. You can send cold emails one by one manually, but this will be time consuming and boring, so what about automating this process and sending bulk emails using your own outreach system.

In this course, Paul Tilley will share with a system structure and the free guides that you can follow to build your own system and send thousands of emails for almost no cost.

The system in 5 steps:

    Gather 1000s of targeted, niche specific email address.
    Develop an amazing offer and squeeze page that will turn your cold emails into warm ones.
    Now you need an option for sending mass emails that will not get your banned or blacklisted and keep out of the spam folder.
    This is where the real power is. Once a cold email takes up your irresistible offer you then slowly warm them up with high-quality content. Here you have evergreen offers that will bring in passive income.
    You just keep adding new emails address and plug them into you auto funnel.

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