Reece Wabara – The Facebook Ad Blueprint

What is The Facebook Ad Blueprint?

An extensive guide created for both beginners and advanced facebook platform users to scale directly to consumer com businesses in ALL INDUSTRIES. Using tried and tested strategies from businesses with growth rates of +100% per year and annual revenues exceeding £20m whilst remaining PROFITABLE with the balance sheet to match, for a cost cheaper than the latest designer trainers

Why outsource and pay agencies thousands per month or a % of ad spend, to give you lackluster results or reports with complex metrics/data you don’t understand, when you can run your own ads, save money, transfer the knowledge into future business or even start your own agency to run ads for those unwilling to learn themselves

What will you learn in this ad blueprint?

  • – Understand the key metrics such as CPM, CTR, Frequency etc to analyze ads effectively allowing you to increase spend on winning campaigns and decrease spend on average performers to improve your return on ad spend
  • – Audience targeting/creation strategies for start ups with no pixel data and audience creation for more matures business with vast pixel data, allowing you to reach new customer types, grow your business into new demographics and truly understand what your engages with and wants to buy
  • – Campaign structure/funnel creation to ensure you are acquiring new customers daily, converting potential customers who have shown interest but are yet to purchase and ensuring your active customers stay in the know your latest creations
  • – Ad creative optimisation, ensuring your ads are eye-catching to cut through the noise of social media and showcase your products in the best light which in effect reduces the spend required to acquire new customers
  • – Campaign budgeting; understanding how much to spend on Facebook Ads whether you’re a start up with 0 revenue or an established business with millions of revenue
  • – Understanding your ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) targets to be truly profitable based on your product margin to ensure you scale without burning money
  • – Understanding of LTV (Customer Life Time Value) and how you can use this to find the perfect equilibrium between scaling profitably, whilst acquiring new customers which go on to purchase multiple times per year untracked, reducing your ad spend as a % of revenue. Huge ROAS numbers are vanity, find the balance between a positive cash flow and acquiring a loyal customer

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