Sharon Gutierrez – Facebook Ads Visibility + Momentum

What is this course about?

Module 1:

Know your business
Understanding Your Audience
Setting Goals for ads
What can visibility get you?
Building momentum

Module 2:

Personal page versus business page
How to optimize social sites for branding and SEO
Setting clear call to action
How to track progress

Module 3:

Business manager introduction
Benefits of business manager
Setting up business manager
Instagram vs Facebook vs Audience network
Adding users to manager
Adding billing into to business manager
Beginner to advanced analytics

Module 4:

Ad fundamentals
Understanding captivating copy
Understanding quality graphics
Terms Of Service
30 ways not to get your ad denied
What happens if your ad is denied
What makes an ad ‘good’, ‘better’, ‘best’

Module 5:

Understanding ad objectives
Split Testing for audiences
Four types of ads covered in this course: Retargeting, brand awareness, growth, traffic,

Module 6:

Complete walkthrough of a page growth ad, start to finish

Module 7:

Complete walkthrough of a traffic ad, start to finish

Module 8:

Complete walkthrough of a brand awareness ad, start to finish

Module 9:

Introduction to pixels
Installing a pixel
How to reach FB support
Complete walkthrough of a retargeting ad growth ad, start to finish

Module 10:

Congrats! You finished… now what?
Evaluating ad results
What a ‘funnel’ really is
The end of ‘bro’ marketing

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