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What is Enter the Niche about?

Simple. I’m providing your followers with complete marketing funnels, including squeeze page, monetized thank-you page, monetized lead magnet (created by me personally), graphics package, and perhaps most importantly, a fully-monetized 21-part email follow-up series (again, written by me).

To make life even easier and more profitable for those you send my way, I’m also including a 12-video training system designed to get them set up and driving traffic within just 24 hours!

Remember, I’m not just a service/content provider… I’m a 12-year internet marketing veteran who has earned a fantastic income online. I know how to create funnels that get actual results. This is a very important distinction, and it’s why you can feel so good about recommending ETN to your audience. 🙂

​With this particular installment (the “affiliate marketing” niche), I will have your people earning money with recurring, multi-tier, and even high-ticket opportunities that can have a staggering impact on their lives.

I really appreciate you deciding to promote this to them, as I believe it will help them unlike anything else. I’ve priced it extremely low, and have even included an action plan in the training that will enable them to run this business almost entirely for FREE, if they happen to be on a restricted budget.

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