Gary Halbert – Ads Critiqued

What is Gary Halbert – Ads Critiqued?

  • Ever feel like you wish you could crawl inside Gary Halbert’s head and hear what he is thinking when he writes the ads which broke all sales records?
  • As you know from the Boron Letters, our father started training Kevin and I to think like him at a very early age but what you may not know, is he discussed all of his work with us relentlessly.
  • Throughout our entire lives Gary constantly talked about marketing and little else.
  • Even when we discussed things like politics we did it from a marketing view. As teens, we were forced to drive him around in his own car so he could focus even more on his passion, copywriting.
  • If Paul Harvy wasn’t on the radio, there was usually a lot of conversation about killer offers, copywriting, hooks and the big idea. This of course, continued at dinner and while walking around etc.
  • Now, we fully understood the value of the education we were getting but, we did not understand…. just how rare the explanation of all the little ity bity details of the copy really was until…..
  • We took the time to explain every line in his hottest ads and sales letters.
  • We put out two so far and just finished our third and each time we try to add something extra special.
  • In fact, our latest breakdown holds the most value so far because…..
  • We cover all the basics of AIDA and everything you would find in any decent ad breakdown…….. We also explained aspects nobody else knew about and take you behind the scenes but……….. for this latest edition………. we did something truly remarkable…..
  • We made a point of using the different copy elements in this super successful promotion as a way to give you detailed step-by-step Gary Halbert copywriting instructions. But…
  • The hot new technique in using these ad breakdowns to start thinking and writing like Sir Gary of Halbert wasn’t actually discovered by Kevin or me.

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