Dim Niko – Brand Accelerator

What do you get in Brand Accelerators?

The Basics

  1. Ad account setup, BM set up
  2. ​Page Setup
  3. ​Pixel Setup & Installation
  4. ​Catalog Setup
  5. ​Audience Setup
  6. ​Custom Conversions

Campaign Structure & Setup

  1. Ad Types
  2. ​Campaign structure – TOF
  3. ​Campaign structure – MOF
  4. ​Campaign structure – BOF
  5. ​Campaign structure – PP
  6. ​Dynamic Creatives vs Static/Post ID’s
  7. ​Testing

Beyond the Setup

  1. ​After clicking publish
  2. ​Campaign optimization
  3. ​Troubleshooting Campaigns

The Foundations

  • Why run Facebook ads?
  • ​Understanding your key metrics
  • ​[Infinite Marketing Matrix] Profitability vs break even, and strategy
  • ​TOF, MOF, BOF, PP

Factors for Success

  • Your Offer
  • ​Your funnel
  • Landing pages
  • ​Ad creatives
  • ​Ad copy

Advanced Facebook Advertising

  • Manual bidding
  • ​Scaling
  • ​Setting rules
  • ​UTMs
  • ​50k/Day Scaling System

It’s made for marketers, brands, agencies, and entrepreneurs alike, who are ready to take their business to the 7, 8, or even 9-figures.

Whether you have years of marketing experience, or are just getting started with Facebook ads, you’ll have plenty to learn from our world-class coaches. We’re setting you up for success by covering the basics all the way to advanced media buying strategies. You’ll be able to run circles around your competitors with a constant stream of customers coming through your door.

Brand Accelerator was designed specifically by our in-house team who absolutely kill it every, single day with Facebook Ads and Ecommerce. But, these strategies and methods can be used beyond just that. And, since our team uses these exact strategies and methods daily, we keep them up to date with the ever changing Facebook algorithm.

Walking away from this you’ll have your ROI sky rocket, CPC drop, and have more customers coming through your door then a toy store during Christmas.

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