Anna Hill – Amazon Accounting Simplified

What is Amazon Accounting Simplified?

  • Comprehensive Quickbooks Online course especially for E-Commerce sellers
  • Learn from anywhere using laptop, tablet or phone
  • Hours of step-by-step video content
  • Done-for-you Excel templates and downloadable reference sheets
  • Learn how to confidently set up and manage your books
  • Lifetime Access to all materials

What will you learn?

1. Organize your Amazon E-Commerce business with Quickbooks Online

  • Try it! How to use the Quickbooks Online (QBO) Test Drive feature (3:13)
  • how to choose a QuickBooks Online Subscription (1:01)
  • Our recommendations for Cloud Storage and Filing Systems (7:19)
  • how to gather your documents (4:29)
  • what if My Data isn’t in the Right Format for QBO? (4:30)
  • how to Keep Your Accounting Plan on Track (5:16)

2. Setting Up QuickBooks Online Bank Feeds and Historical Data

  • how to Customize your QuickBooks Account Names (5:35)
  • Editing Account Names in the Chart of Accounts (1:33)
  • Adding New Accounts and Sub Accounts in QBO (5:25)
  • Using Account Numbers in QBO (2:16)
  • Cleaning Up Your Chart of Accounts (4:04)
  • Schedule C Summary (10:06)
  • How to Connect Your Bank & Credit Card Accounts to QuickBooks Online (4:04)
  • Manually Importing Older Transactions (14:42)
  • Updating Connection Settings and Disconnecting (1:23)

3. Establishing Opening Balances

  • Why Do Opening Balances Matter?
  • How to Use the Opening Balance Sheet Template (18:22)
  • Entering Opening Balances in QuickBooks Online (10:55)
  • Opening Balances and Account Reconciliations (6:10)

Life BEFORE Amazon Accounting Simplified:

  • You’re stressed every time you think about doing your books
  • You’re not sure where to start so you don’t start at all
  • You’re sick of looking at piles of paperwork
  • You can’t stand manually entering receipts into a clunky spreadsheet
  • No matter how hard you try, you still feel unprepared at tax time

Life AFTER Amazon Accounting Simplified:

  • You have a reliable customized accounting system that grows with your Amazon business
  • You feel more confident in your ability to properly categorize your transactions
  • You are more aware of your business income and expenses
  • You clearly see fees associated with each of your sales platforms
  • You have a deeper understanding of your financial statements

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