Ben Adkins – Pizza Money System

What is this course about?

How does our team keep our local business clients happily paying us month after month for a near-effortless service?

By delivering consistent results that they simply can’t turn away. If you’re currently managing your own digital agency with small business clients, or if you’re looking for a simple and mostly ‘hands off’ business opportunity, then this is for you. In Just a Moment, I’m Going to Share Our “Secret” Technique that Offers Results So Tempting, Clients will Happily Pay You $200 per month to Do this For Them.

Due to the lockdowns and people being contained to their homes, many small businesses began to suffer. Even those that could offer delivery or takeout found themselves struggling to stay afloat. This is a stark difference to our Restaurant clients who were not only maintaining their sales, they were thriving!
Though they weren’t able to offer their full in-house dining, takeout orders were steadily coming in. Any fear of whether they could weather the storm soon evaporated.

The reason so many restaurants have suffered through the lockdowns is because they rely too heavily on location.
People have been staying home and without the usual foot traffic out and about, these businesses are failing to attract customers.
…unlike our clients.

Here’s the thing… People haven’t stopped spending because of the lockdowns. But with people stuck at home, there’s now a disconnect between businesses and their customer base. Consumers have a short attention span and are quick to do business with whoever grabs their attention.

This is why it is vital that businesses, especially restaurants, stay in constant communication with their customer base. Our strategy allows them to do exactly that.

Although our clients are thriving, there are so many businesses still out there suffering. That’s where YOU come in. Right Now, You Have a Rare Opportunity to Provide a Critical Service to Businesses in Need and in Doing So, Build an Insanely Lucrative Business for Yourself.

Look at it this way… The looming dark cloud of uncertainty will not go away any time soon. The pandemic is a highly delicate situation and at any time, we could be forced into closure. This weighs heavily on the shoulders of small business owners.

With that in mind, this couldn’t be a more perfect opportunity for you to dive in and help them.

These businesses are desperate and frankly, your help could be the difference between whether they can keep their doors open or be forced to close permanently.

Yes, I know that sounds like a lot of responsibility, but the truth is, you can bring a flood of customers into their business with very little work on your part!
And best of all? Clients will gladly pay you $200/month to do this for them! No I’m not kidding. This is actually what small business clients pay for this service.

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