Ben Adkins – Tribe Architect

What’s inside of Tribe Architect?

  • Week 1:  Building Your Tribe’s Hook (Creating a Killer 30 Day Challenge)
    Inside of this Session, Ben will walk you through the step by step method of creating a “30 day challenge” that your potential customers won’t be able to refuse. This will get them excited about becoming a part of your tribe and help you get them on your list and in your group.
  • Week 2: Setting Up Your Tribe’s Home (The Technical Mechanics Session)
    In this Session we’ll Build all of the Pieces that you Need to Create, Run, and Power your Community so that your members are happy and you are setup to generate income from your group month after month.
  • Week 3: Running Your Challenge and Group (the week by week setup)
    Now that you’ve decided on what kind of challenge your want to run and you’ve built the “Attraction Pieces”, it’s time to go through exactly how we’ll run the challenge and the day to day of the group. This is key to keeping the group moving so that it doesn’t die… even after the challenge is over.
  • Week 4: Monetizing Your Tribe (the 10k Per Month Formula)
    The most important part of running a tribe is the income that you generate as you help them achieve their goals. Inside of this session I’ll walk you through the formula that you can use to generate 10k per month from your Tribe.

When you get through this session you’ll have a mastery in how to monetize your Tribe without it ever seeming like your being a pushy sales person. This take everything you’ve built and turns it into money in your pocket.

Bonuses in this course:

  • Bonus #1: Growing Your Tribe with Facebook
    Inside of this very special bonus I’ll hand you an ad template and campaign that you can use to get your “30 day challenge” in front of Highly Targeted Customers who are Hungry to be a part of your Tribe (they just don’t know it yet.
  • With this Bonus you’ll have everything you need to grow your Tribe to 5000 members and beyond using the power of Facebook.
  • Bonus #2: Growing Your Tribe with Instagram
    Instagram is a monster when it comes to building a Profitable Community using the “Tribe Architect” System. Inside of this bonus I’ll show you a powerful case study of how it’s being done right now and how you can mimic the technique of the case study to use Instagram to blow up your Tribe’s Members (and grow your income).
  • Bonus #3: The Tribe Builder Templates
    Put Simply… You’ll get everything you need to build what we talk about inside of the Tribe Architect Course. Not only will you be learning how to build everything, but I’ll be handing you my pre-built templates that you can instantly transfer to your Clickfunnels account and edit for your own use as well as the Email Scripts to Import into your Autoresponder.

This Bonus will Save your at Least 5 days of Work.

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