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​​On this site, you have access to the Number One Training Website for Kingdom Entrepreneurs. This site offers courses for every level of entrepreneurship and breaks down Pedro’s Six Stake Framework piece by piece
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Facebook Ads 101 with Kasim
How to Create Profitable FB Ads on a Budget
You will learn How To Put The Right Message In Front Of Your Ideal Who For Pennies on the Dollar, from Ad Agency Owner Kasim.

Design Your Perfect Offer And Map Out Your Ideal Customer…
#1 problem of early-stage entrepreneurs is not niching down. Discover the power of micro-niching and clearly define your ideal audience so you can become #1 in your niche.

PLUS! You’ll never worry about making another offer again. This worksheet guides you every step of the way, so you can make irresistible offers your audience wants.

Kingdom Copywriting Mastery
How to Write Compelling Copy to Your Who
Pedro Adao broke down how to write incredibly powerful and simple copy that cuts through the noise and will get your prospective client into action using the 100X proprietary framework K.I.N.G.D.O.M.

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