Russell Brunson – Two Comma Club LIVE

What is Two comma Club?

It’s a 3-day immersive conference that I will be streaming from our offices here in Boise, Idaho…  And we’re also going to stream presentations from some of the TOP RATED speakers from Funnel Hacking LIVE!

We hand-selected the presentations that had the BIGGEST impact to our 5,000+ Attendees at FHL, we pulled these presentations out of the vault, and we’re going to stream those SAME PRESENTATIONS to you LIVE!

If you missed these presentations at FHL… you’ll want to make sure you don’t miss this ONCE IN A LIFETIME chance to hear the presentations that had the BIGGEST impact to our Funnel Hackers. The only way to access these training sessions was to attend our previous Funnel Hacking LIVE events.

And if you have attended Funnel Hacking LIVE and heard these presentations before, you’ll definitely want to sit down with a notebook and watch them AGAIN!

During Day #2, you will be focusing on the FOUR types of funnels that drive nearly ALL of your traffic and sales… If you want to be successful as an online marketer, it starts with NAILING these four main funnels…

(They’re actually quite SIMPLE, but if you don’t understand how each of them work, you won’t be successful online.)

  • #1 Lead Funnels
  • #2 Unboxing Funnels
  • #3 Presentation Funnels
  • ​#4 Phone Funnels


The SECRET To Going From 6-Figures To 7, And From 7-Figures To 8…Is Learning How To SCALE IT!

“Scaling It” boils down to mastering two skills:

  1. #1 – How To Drive More TRAFFIC – and bring MORE people into your world!
  2. #2 – Your OWN Personal Development – these are the CHANGES that you personally need to make in order to be able to HANDLE 7-8 figure challenges, like a growing team, a growing customer base, processes, etc!
  • Drive more traffic
  • Hire more employees
  • Train and build an all-star team
  • ​Continue to support and take care of a rapidly growing customer base
  • ​And much more

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