Profit House – Lead Broker

What is Profit House – Lead Broker?

EVERYTHING you need to know to get started making money on your OWN…. Learn the skills you need
To be your own boss and live a true life full of freedom and prosperity! But Wait… TODAY I am going to extend you a unique opportunity to gain access to my full training. I go more in-depth and this is where you will LEARN ALL OF MY INSIDE SECRETS so you can start and scale fast!

My students say this course is worth $10,000’s to $100,000’s

Here’s what they are saying about my course and The Profit House…

Full Lead Broker Mastery Course

  • Module 1 – 2: How to set up your lead broker business
  • Module 3: Understanding different Verticals and Media types
  • Module 4: Choosing a vertical to sell calls in
  • ​Module 5: Identifying lead Generators and Lead Buyers within your chosen vertical
  • ​Module 6: Setting up your business website
  • ​Module 7: Setting up social accounts & finding your lead generator and buyers on social
  • ​Module 8: Learning the industry language, and understanding when to use it
  • ​Module 9: Setting up your systems and turning your cash cow engine on

Fast Track Program

  • Extended: Live Recorded Coaching through the entire course, and I share some additional value packed bonus stuff there.
  • Extended Training: Real-time questions from real students and real-time answers from me live on recorded sessions.
  • ​Private Facebook Group: Access to FB group and freedom to deals together.
  • ​Templates: My Top Templates – Get agreements, contracts, invoice orders, and more so you can spend time making deals.
  • ​Extended Training: Mindset secrets – learn how to train your brain to be wired for success in lead brokering.

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