MuteSix – Klaviyo Email Marketing Masterclass

What is Klaviyo Email Marketing Masterclass?

Email is the leading conversion channel for converting users into customers. When executed correctly, strong email can become one of your most profitable channels for your ecommerce business.

Perhaps the reason you’re not getting open and click rates to take that next important step towards a purchase and create additional revenue is because you’re not up to speed with the latest best practices for ecommerce.

And guess what? Your list doesn’t grow, your cart abandonment doesn’t decrease, and your business doesn’t generate record-breaking profits until…

What will you learn by the end of this course?

  • #1: You can increase your repeat customers and lower your churn rate.
  • #2: You can grow your ecommerce sales and monetize on the back end of your traffic sources.
  • #3: You can engage AND convert your list and have a strategy that has the potential to increase your revenue 2 to 4X.
  • #4: You can have an automation execution plan, without having to blindly test or lose massive amounts of subscribers.
  • #5: You can decrease cart abandoned rate by up to 20%.
  • #6: You can increase open and click rates.
  • #7: Once you have profitable email automation, you can start to execute on bigger ideas that have laid dormant!

In addition…

  • Maximize promotion strategies that create profit.
    (without cheapening your brand)
  • Execute the top profit-generating automation flows.
    (so you spend less time recreating the wheel and more time increasing sales)
  • Create powerful email campaigns.
    (perfect for creating strategic, systematic emails)
  • Curate a powerful and engaged list.
    (so you can lower your unsubscribe rate and increase revenue)
  • Create powerful email campaigns.
    (perfect for creating strategic, systematic emails)

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