BD FX Course

What is this course about?

We utilise unique trading strategies to provide you with multiple opportunities in the Financial Markets.
Our strategies seemlessly flow through the Forex, Cryptocurrency and Indices Markets.

We assess a variety of different markets and trading instruments to maximise the coverage and profitability provided to our community. Whether it’s long-term investment opportunities or intra-day trades to capitalise in-between larger swing-trades, we ensure our community gains experience and profit regardless of what direction the market moves. Markets do not simply go up. We use this to our advantage.

    Utilise our renowned Intra-Day Levels to capture precise short-medium term volatility.
    We provide you medium-long term opportunities to leverage the larger moves the market provides
    Guiding you with our risk-management tools to keep your trades low risk, but high reward.
    Understand how global markets work and impact your trading to keep you ahead of all news announcements each day.
    Master your mindset and gain a renewed outlook on how the markets operate.

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