SimplerForex – The Confident Currency Trader

What is this course about?

The Confident Currency Trader
– Comprehensive 4 hour Class and TWO interactive live sessions so you can discover setups in ANY MARKET in real-time

– How to ‘Follow the Money’ and exploit intraday moves in the dollar, crude, Dow, Nikkei and more
– The exact STEP-BY-STEP “recipe” for my time-tested entries so you can identify exactly when to get in (or stay out)
– How to pick specific trades from ANY MARKET so you always target the high probability setups
– Detailed risk management and exit rules that help you let your winners run for maximum profits
– Little-known tactics to take advantage of predictable time and price movement patterns
– Precise entry and exit rules for daily and weekly charts so you can identify larger trend opportunities in not only currencies but ALSO futures, options, and stocks

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