Magnetic Menus

How this course works:

  • Give away 1,000 5.5″ x 8.5″ Magnetic Menus FREE of charge to a local restaurant.
  • Sell a few ad spaces to local businesses. There is no better place for an ad than in full view 24/7 on the refrigerator, filing, cabinet, microwave, etc.
  • There is no step 3! We take over and publish the Magnets, including Layout and design, proofing to advertisers, printing, and even shipping is included.
  • We do ALL this for just $1,150 for 1,000 magnets.
  • Imagine, if you sell 10 ads at $299 each, you would gross $2,990 in sales. Subtract the $1,150 fulfillment cost, and that leaves you with a nice $1,840 profit!

Of course, you can sell the ads for whatever you like. This is your business and you make all the decisions. Maybe you’ve wanted a profitable local business as well. Maybe you just need a product, system, and training in order to make building a local business a reality.

I know the feeling of desperately wanting to start something for myself, and just not knowing where to start.

In just a few short minutes, I’m going to outline for you, the easiest, simplest, and most “fail-proof” way to begin earning a terrific income, by helping LOCAL restaurants and other small businesses.

What will you get when you sign up:

  • Online training and resources.
  • Simple, effective strategies.
  • Which restaurants to work with.
  • Easy way to get referrals.
  • Proven EASY methods for getting advertisers.
  • 23 most popular categories of advertisers.
  • How to scale your business with salespeople.
  • Bonus tips and shortcuts to boost your income!

What will you learn?

  • How to earn over 60% Profit.
    Most sales jobs pay 25% to 35% commission if you’re lucky. I’ll show you how to easily double that.
  • How to sell without cold-calling.
    Our business is designed to have you ONLY calling on businesses that are referred to you by the restaurant owner.
  • How to avoid high-pressure closing.
    Because of our referral system, you NEVER have to cover objections or “sell” anyone on participating.
  • How to expand quickly by adding sales reps.
    Complete step-by-step guide to hiring, training, and compensating sales reps.

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