FB Ads Secrets

What is FB Ads Secrets?

Unlike most (if not all) other Private Label videos out there on the same topic, this is a step-by-step video training created from experience. I believe you can see that by now.

The total duration of the videos may be just under two hours, but this is the culmination of my painstaking discovery to find and master an evergreen source of traffic that would change the way people get Customers and Clients to their business – and this works for almost ANY business.

And because I’m also including the Private Label Rights at no extra licensing cost, now you can BOTH get instant access to a course that shows how to get traffic from Facebook Ads AND product you can also resell!

Instead of spending weeks or months and thousands of dollars (like I did) learning or even develop your own product, you can start TODAY.

First you get my step-by-step, on screen videos which is the heart and core of this course. Running over 2 hours and designed for absolute beginners, the training videos show how anyone can start advertising on Facebook from as little as $5 to $10/day.

  1. 01 – How To Create An FB Business Account [3:14]
  2. 02 – How To Create Ad Account [2:17]
  3. 03 – How To Add Payment Method [1:46]
  4. 04 – How To Edit Business Settings [3:19]
  5. 05 – How To Add FB Page Or Create FB Page [18:39]
  6. 06 – Ads Manager Column Setup [Lead Gen] [12:19]
  7. 07 – Ads Manager Column Setup [Purchase E-Commerce] [4:37]
  8. 08 – How To Create FB Pixel [3:29]
  9. 09 – How To Add FB Pixel On WordPress [3:05]
  10. 10 – How To Add Lead Event Code On Page [3:27]
  11. 11 – Installing The FB Pixel Helper [2:01]
  12. 12 – How To Write Your Ad Creatives [15:56]
  13. 13 – How To Create Campaign Conversions For Lead Generation [31:11]
  14. 14 – Understanding Campaign and Ad Objectives [7:12]
  15. 15 – Using Built-In Video Maker In Ads Manager [8:00]
  16. 16 – Simple Split Test Campaign [8:01]

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