Robin Sharma – The Legendary Performer Download

What is The Legendary Performer about?

There’s no doubt that Robin Sharma has the superb ability to spellbind and transform entire audiences. For over 20 years he’s been globally recognized as one of the “Top 5” thought-leaders + change-makers on the planet when it comes to leadership and creating a legendary life.

Very seldom is this type of opportunity open to the public, but at Robin’s request, we have secured an exclusive filming, taken from one of his breathtakingly powerful presentations to a private group of leaders.

Robin wants you to have the amazing opportunity to lift your mindset, performance + personal life exponentially as well as enjoy one of his most inspiring and content-rich presentations ever given!

What will you get in this course?

  1. Everyone Can Show Leadership – Video Module
  2. The 5 Devotions of Leaders Without Titles – Video Module [Part 1]
  3. The 5 Devotions of Leaders Without Titles – Video Module [Part 2]
  4. The New Rules of Exceptional Leadership – Video Module
  5. The Icon’s Decline – Video Module
  6. The Rituals of Remarkability – Video Module
  7. The Legendary Performer’s Workbook

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