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What is Finisher’s fastlane all about?

Deep Work is something that makes you feel better about yourself, because you get real work accomplished every time you do it. Work that lets you achieve your goals and be the person you know you’re capable of being.

Deep Work is something Mike had never experienced. No wonder he couldn’t write his book. His book wasn’t just a simple “open Byword and write” plan. It was a systematic way to take write the book, get it published and a marketing plan so it would be seen by millions of people across the world.

To get his book out there, he needed to level up his life, his skills, his approach, the entire way he thought of himself. He needed to get himself from here to there.

What will you learn inside this course?

  • 5 Focus Hacks to boost your focus immediately — you can do these TODAY and feel the results instantly
  • How to get clarity on your big goal and vision for the future
  • How to organize your calendar and schedule for Deep Work
  • How to prioritize your projects and tasks so you always focus on the right things
  • How to organize your desk and office for optimal focus and performance
  • How to find the ONE THING you need to work on — even if you have 100+ items on your to-do list right now
  • The right way to politely deal with a boss or manager who disrupts your focus (and get back to your work that matters)
  • How to say no without hurting anyone’s feelings, so you can firmly prioritize your focus
  • How to balance multiple, competing goals from multiple sources (essential if you work in a corporate setting) — Elite only
  • The power of tailored conversation, and how Brooks’s coworker used it to land a phenomenal promotion offer — Elite only

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