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What is WildFit Program?

WildFit® is a 90-day real-time coaching program that guides you towards your best weight and health.
This program is not about saying, “Hey, you should eat more of this and less of that.”
There are no particular diets to follow; rather you’ll receive eye-opening nutritional information and powerful psychological tools to follow through on taking the right action.

The focus is on creating change from within you. Because when you do something not because you ought to do it but because you want to do it, the results will feel completely natural and effortless to achieve.

At the end of the 90 days, you won’t even relate to some of the foods you’ve been eating all these years. Each week you’ll receive new videos with instructions from Eric’s team on exactly what you should be paying attention to. In addition to the videos, you also receive information to support you in the journey including guides, recipes and other resources.

What will you learn in this course?

  • 1. Wake Up Rejuvenated
    When your energy is balanced, you calm your nervous and hormonal systems for better sleep cycles.
  • 2. Stop Cravings, Enjoy Food
    Your body won’t go into panic mode for more energy, so you can finally balance calories and kick cravings.
  • 3. Energy For What Matters
    Give your body more nutrients and get more energy to achieve the things you want in life.
  • 4. Achieve Your TRUE Weight
    With Wildfit®, healthy weight change is inevitable. Allow your body to go back to its natural, most optimized state.
  • 5. Boost Your Intimacy
    Two things affect our passion — hormonal imbalance and body temperature. The WildFit® Program restores your most natural levels for a better libido.
  • 6. Boost Your Metabolism
    You’ll train your body to switch into the high fat-burning mode so you become lighter, have more energy, and actually want to exercise.
  • 7. Enhance Your Mental Performance
    Help your brain perform at its peak all the time. Many students realize they’re able to think faster, be more productive, and have a better memory.
  • 8. Connect With Your Body
    Gain an intuitive instinct for knowing what your body wants and needs at any given time, so you can feel and look amazing all the time.
  • 9. Boost Your Confidence
    WildFit® will not only return you to your optimal shape, but also help you realize just how much control you have over your body and your life. You’ll never avoid mirrors again.
  • WildFit® Program Overview

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