Positive Psychology – Emotional Intelligence Masterclass

What is this masterclass about?

The Emotional Intelligence Masterclass© is a complete, 6-module emotional intelligence training template for helping professionals. Besides the masterclass for you, the practitioner, it also includes all the materials you need to deliver high-quality EQ training sessions that are science-based (meaning all claims are backed up by research and references). With your purchase, you will gain the rights to use all of these materials (the client workbook, the exercises, the PowerPoints, etc.) under your own brand.

If you are passionate about helping others improve their lives in meaningful ways, this masterclass is for you. Because not only will you master the 6 most important pillars of emotional intelligence, but you’ll also learn to explain and implement them. All the materials you need to confidently apply emotional intelligence in a 2020-proof-way are at your disposal. This makes the Emotional Intelligence Masterclass a practitioner’s ultimate shortcut.

What You Will Achieve

  • ✓ Help other people use their emotions instead of being used by them
  • ✓ Add emotional intelligence to your professional coaching arsenal
  • ✓ Easily build your own workshop, training program, and treatment plan for clients
  • ✓ Grow your practice by mastering one of the most fundamental well-being skills
  • ✓ Apply emotional intelligence practices that are backed up by science
  • ✓ Discover how emotions provide a direct gateway to accurate self-knowledge
  • ✓ Become a sought-after practitioner with this unique set of tools at your disposal

Contents: The Emotional Intelligence Masterclass© includes:

  • ✓ Live recordings of the Emotional Intelligence Masterclass
  • ✓ Practitioner handbook (ebook in epub and PDF)
  • ✓ Workbook including 17 exercises for your participants (PDF)
  • ✓ Train-the-Trainer videos for each lesson (20 videos)
  • ✓ Community-section to interact with fellow practitioners
  • ✓ 20 PowerPoint presentations for teaching and workshops
  • ✓ Recommended books, articles, movies, videos and quotes
  • ✓ Lifetime updates, dedicated support
  • Bonus 1: Earn a Certificate of Completion
  • Bonus 2: Second Wave Positive Psychology Module
  • Bonus 3: Extended Usage Rights

Download Positive Psychology – Emotional Intelligence Masterclass

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