Sheevaun Moran – Unleashing YOUR Prosperity

What will you achieve with this course?

Disconnecting Negativity and Receiving Prosperity on Command
How to disconnect from negativity and your inner critic, and get prosperity to flow daily.

Unwind Doubt and Express Your Own Wisdom
How to use ancient practices that make all the difference in creating wealth, health, and abundance.

Unlock Your Unique Power and Abundant Voice You’ve Never Been Able to Share
Create more abundance in the places where you seem to keep getting stuck.

Healthy Communication and Relationships are Inside
Have a better relationship with self and others…end the ugly chatter

The Steps to Take to Get On YOUR Own Unique Purpose
Finally get moving in the direction you want!

The Clarity and Freedom Beyond Fear and Doubt
How to gain the clarity needed to take the next step into what you’re creating

What will you learn?

Module 1 – How Real and Lasting Wealth Is Accomplished
Discover how to overcome the habit of expecting the worst. You’ll receive a proven system for creating the habit of expectation, so you finally get the results you desire. You’ll learn easy techniques to get started if you’re stalled or stuck.

Module 2 – Getting Permission
Master the techniques to quiet your mind … and learn how a quieter mind is the key to greater prosperity. You’ll also gain a new way to have permission to enjoy the success and health you desire. Finally, you’ll learn how to break or change the rules that have been holding you back.

​Module 3 – The Gratitude Template that Brought in Thousands of Dollars
Gratitude is more than a feel-good experience. Discover an ancient technology that turns how you express gratitude into a system that produces tangible results … so you can have more of exactly what you want. Also discover how to allow more good in your life by honoring the things that mean a lot to you.

​Module 4 – Attracting the Right Clients for Exponential Prosperity
Discover how to identify the right client, with the right income who wants your products or services – and then learn what it takes to attract and hook that ideal client. You’ll also learn how to disconnect from Negative Nellies and any of your own negative thinking that often stops you. Finally, you’ll uncover where you’re hiding from your own success … and how to resolve that success-hindering pattern for good.

​Module 5 – Gaining the Truth of Where Your Mojo Lies
When things get rocky, most people back down and let go of their dreams. To persevere and unleash your energy, resolve and commitment, you must know how to stand in your truth. You’ll learn elegant ways to overcome those rocky moments and challenges … skillfully navigate difficult conversations … and charge what you’re really worth.

​Module 6 – The 7 Lies Between You and Success
Learn how to tap into deeper levels of energy and let go of the limitation of time constraints. You’ll also learn a powerful strategy for addressing and overcoming areas of your life where you’re tolerating things that are stopping you from achieving the prosperity and success you deserve.

​Module 7 – How to Get Influence and Income Authentically and Make Sales Without Ever Selling
There’s a difference between helping someone and accepting any agreement or obligation that others put on you. Making this shift helps you authentically gain influence and income. You’ll also discover a new perspective for following up with leads, customers, mentors and others without feeling like you’re a bother. You’ll learn how the “secret sauce” of authenticity produces win-win-win agreements … so you avoid the negative feelings that often result from bartering, negotiations and conflicts.

​Module 8 – Do Less to Have More From the Inside Out (creating the path of more success with less effort)
Self-care is critical for ensuring that you have the physical, mental and emotional health to achieve your goals. Success Care is an easy-to-use, proven formula for identifying how, where and when to take advantage of self-care. Discover what opportunities you’re overlooking … how creativity is a key to having more prosperity and good health … and how to unleash, unbind and unwind those last bits that stop you. You’ll even get a meditation specifically designed for manifesting and making this process really power-up.

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