Elite Flip Master + OTOs

What are some methods you’ll learn?

#1 $0 To $200+ Single Flip Dropship Method

This method is powerful because you can do it without spending any money at all AND you never have to hold any inventory.

These flips can give you profits of up to $200+ on a single flip!

Here’s an example of how it works:

  • You list an item for $400
  • The item sells (you get paid $400)
  • You buy the item for $200 using the money that the customer paid you leaving you with $200 profit
  • You send the item directly from the source to the customer that paid you
  • You never touch the item and you only use funds that you are already paid!

It is a simple strategy, but you need to know which products to source and where to source them from. That is where I come in. I show you exactly how to do this method properly from start to finish.

#2 Collectibles & Limited Edition Product Flips + Exclusive Weekly Calendars For Sky High ROI Launch Day Flips

Collectibles and limited edition products from certain brands are some of the EASIEST flips you’ll ever make.

People go crazy over certain toys, clothing articles, sports cards, vinyl records, and other items that are limited editions.

However, you need to know when and where to get these items online (or even offline).

In order to thrive with this method, you need to know:

  • Which products and brands to look for and where to find them
  • Release dates and times of certain products
  • The ideal resell prices
  • WHEN to sell (items can be quick flips OR you can hold as the value increases)
  • I provide you with all of this information including a weekly calendar of release dates and times so you can jump in and dominate this method every day!

#3 The Pre-flip Method

This method is similar to method #2 except in this case we are working with items that can be pre-ordered. With these specific releases, it is all about hype, suspense, and anticipation so ROI is through the roof. People will pay you to double, triple, or even more while knowing that you do not even have the product in hand! They just want to know that you have your pre-order secured. I will show you exactly which items to target, how to secure your pre-order, and how to profitably list and sell before the product is even released!

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