How to Write your eBook in 7 Days?

What is this course about?

  • – How to find the perfect topic for your ebook that will captivate your audience
  • – The ideal length (hint: it’s shorter than you think) for your ebook
  • – Fast and simple ways to design an absolutely eyegasmic book cover
  • – The one and only platform you need to sell your ebooks (hint: It’s not Amazon)
  • – How to make a sale BEFORE you even start writing.
  • – Crafting a high converting sales page (honestly, this information is worth the price)
  • – The simple way to promote your ebook without spending on ads.

But that’s just the stuff that will get you started writing. How do we make that sweet moolah with our newfound ebook? I can’t just leave you hanging there can I? Because now the real work starts.

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