Conquering Twitter

What will you get in Conquering Twitter?

This is a 2-course bundle composed of Conquering Twitter Engagement and Conquering Twitter Marketing.

Conquering Twitter Engagement (real-world value of $197)

  • Why Twitter matters and how it is superior to other social media platforms
  • Finding your voice on Twitter
  • The 2 types of tweets that build engagement, awareness and loyalty
  • How to grow a fanatical audience by being authentic
  • Hacks to create quality content your followers will proudly retweet
  • Specific ways to build trust and get massive engagement
  • Zuby’s personal formula for going viral consistently
  • Breakdowns of viral tweets – learn by example
  • The 3 things you MUST do when you go viral
  • How to deal with the ‘Twitter Mob’
  • Rules to not getting banned or suspended on Twitter

Conquering Twitter Marketing (real-world value of $197)

  • Fundamental concepts everyone must know before starting to sell on Twitter
  • A simple guideline on how to decide what to sell
  • List of offer ideas you can totally steal from us
  • How Jose Rosado made his first $4K on Twitter
  • A straightforward path to make an income without creating a product
  • The absolute best ways to making an income selling your skills on Twitter
  • The 2 categories of services you should be promoting
  • How to pitch your services and how to close the deal in the Direct Messages (DMs)
  • Increasing your income with upsells
  • Qualifying your potential clients so that you don’t waste time
  • Increasing your income by selling your knowledge in text, video, and audio formats
  • The perfect way to pitch your info-products
  • The 2 most powerful persuasion tools to get more sales in less time
  • A simple path to launch your info-products

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